We are a state-of-the-art mechanical manufacturing company specializing in aluminium products. Right from the start in 1980, we have grown with the industry, been innovative, renewed ourselves and taken increasingly large shares in new markets. Normeka has gone from being a niche company, rooted in Rømskog, to becoming an efficient and professional cornerstone company with the expertise to supply a wide range of products all over the world. Our experienced and loyal employees make up the foundation of Normeka. Over several years, Normeka has invested in automated processes, and with this our skilled employees have taken on ever greater challenges to ensure smart and efficient production. Our own brand, AmpliForm, is a well-known product range far beyond Norway’s borders and it’s constantly being developed for new areas of use. With a focus on the environment, we develop and manufacture products with high quality and durability. We offer a wide range of services within mechanical production and with a broad professional environment we offer flexible and tailored solutions for our customers.
Our history goes all the way back to 1980 when Norsk Marconi decided to establish manufacturing facilities in Rømskog. The aim was to manufacture Instrument Landing System (ILS) antennas and related equipment. In 1987, Normarc AS took over ownership of the production line for ILS. In 1988, Normeka AS was established to continue the production of ILS equipment. Indra Navia’s NORMARC ILS has since the mid-80s grown to become one of the world’s largest suppliers of ILS systems. Normeka AS still supplies large quantities of ILS equipment to Indra Navia, but over the years we have also expanded with both expertise and equipment to strengthen and widen our variety of services within mechanical production and aluminium products.
As part of an industry where safety is the highest priority, we take quality and accuracy seriously. We are constantly working to develop our methods and routines to make production more efficient and satisfy our customers’ needs for quality and reliability of delivery. Normeka is certified according to:
  • NS-ISO 9001:2015
  • EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011
  • ISO 3834-3:2005
  • ISPM 15-Emballasje
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Normeka cares about the environment! At all times, we focus on environmentally oriented measures and follow current requirements for waste management. Aluminium production involves a significant amount of residual material, so it is important that all of this is recycled. One of the advantages of aluminium is that it can be recycled endlessly. Recycling aluminium requires only 5% energy compared to extracting aluminium from bauxite. This means that the amount of energy required to make one kilogram of brand new aluminium can be used to make 20 kg of recycled aluminium. Aluminium is therefore often called “the green metal”.