Customer: HIAS IKS, Ottestad

The new water treatment plant at Ottestad will ensure a safe and secure water supply for the residents of Hedmarken. Together with our partner, Enwa PMI, Normeka has supplied walkways, stairs, and railings for the water treatment plant. Everything was installed by us, and we delivered products in the areas of sludge storage, pump rooms, chlorine systems and clean water pools. A high focus on good durability and HSE is a good fit for our AmpliForm series, and we greatly appreciate that our products were chosen.

Customer: Glomma Kraftproduksjon

The walkway under the Bingsfoss bridge was built to improve safety for Akershus Energi’s personnel.

In total, we delivered 130m of walkways based on our AmpliForm series and handrails. The walkways ensure HSE requirements are met for maintenance and work on floodgates under the bridge, and  allows car traffic over the bridge even during work.

The assembly was carried out with an advanced lift system that enabled work above the water.


Customer: Grieg Seafood

Grieg Seafood’s farming facility at Bokn was equipped with walkways and stairs based on our AmpliForm series. The tanks in which the fish swim are several meters tall, and a walkway system high up around the tanks is therefore necessary.

Our walkways and stairs meet the strict HSE requirements and secure the employees in work and traffic on the facility.

All parts were produced at our premises in Rømskog, and we transported and assembled them in the various halls.


Customer: Gunnar Jensen AS

Facade elements manufactured and delivered for assembly at Scandic Hamar. The main contractor was OMF, which had the overall responsibility for the building.

Prefabricated surface-treated black anodized elements were produced in-house to then being efficiently assembled in place due to their size. Transporting finished elements was an impossibility.


Customer: Haga & Berg Entreprenør

Bus parking space for 100 buses in Leiraveien, Lillestrøm. Power outlets were to be fitted to each bus. We used grid masts that were set up on concrete manholes, both vertically and horizontally.

The advantages of installing everything up on the ground are to avoid digging, cable detection and conflict with water/sewer pipes.

Aluminium masts are light, therefore easy to install. It’s easy to remove the masts after use, and everything can be recycled.


Customer: Foss AS

For several decades, Foss has collaborated with Normeka on aluminium-based products. We work closely with Foss both in the product development phase and in the manufacturing phase.

We make all cabinets and installations from start to finish. Right from sheet metal to fully assembled and prepared cabinets. The cabinets must be durable and cope well in demanding environments, so good quality and surface treatment are important.


Customer: AF Byggfornyelse

We had the pleasure of furnishing Stranden 1 at Aker brygge with form-fitting aluminium sheets. Each individual plate was produced based on the architects’ instructions.

The challenge was that not a single screw should be visible. Fortunately, we have skilled constructors who solved this task brilliantly and the result was drop-forged plates in a clean look. Finally, the plates were anodized in different shades of color to give each plate its own expression.

Normeka was also responsible for transport and assembly.