Ampliform is our own product range and an important base product for several of our aluminium systems. We have developed a separate and unique production line for this type of expanded metal. We can therefore produce strong and light-weight high-quality products such as stairs, railings, walkways, and masts for a range of applications.

The product series consists of masts, grates and mesh produced from the aluminium profiles we have developed. The profiles are first drop-forged and then stretched to the desired width. In this way, we create a mesh system for multiple usage. Everything from fine mesh to large mast constructions.

Aluminium shaped in this way provides a superior weight to strength ratio. This allows for easier transportation and assembly, as well as fulfilling necessary safety requirements where that is needed. AmpliForm is 100% aluminium-based and is therefore extremely resistant to corrosion and external impact even if left untreated. This means that the product is very well suited in demanding environments both indoors, outdoors and in exposed maritime areas. Aluminium can be anodized and powder coated.


Strong and light-weight aluminium walkway grate that is produced in several variants according to strength and area of use.


Strong and light aluminium mesh that can be produced in several widths and lengths.


Narrow aluminium mesh with smaller masks that can be supplied in defined length and width.


Frangible lattice mast as a ground construction that is both strong and light. Well suited as a safety mast where this is a requirement.



Normeka buys in-house designed aluminium profiles for both mesh and grates.


The profiles are slotted into various patterns and stretched to defined widths. This is carried out by our special machines.


If required, the stretching takes place in 2 different machines. Fully automatic for grids/grates and a more manual stretching process for mesh.


After the stretching process has been carried out, these are set for hardening.


We have good partners that carry out surface treatment, both anodizing and powder coating.


The products have a very strong construction in relation to their weight.

The products can be anodized and powder coated for the desired color and look.

The AmpliForm family is maintenance-free and therefore saves environmental and maintenance costs.

Products in the AmpliForm family are manufactured in seawater-resistant aluminium.
Products can be customised and calculated in terms of strength for each project for optimal properties and cost.
AmpliForm is 100% aluminium-based, which is environmentally beneficial.
AmpliRist is a strong and light expanded metal grate that is manufactured in several variants according to strength and area of use.


Areas of use:

  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Platforms
  • Stairs
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Fish farming facilities
  • Rooftop evacuation routes
  • Work platforms
  • Gangplanks in maritime environments
AmpliNett is a strong and light net that can be produced in several widths and lengths according to the area of use and needs.


Areas of use:

  • Railings for our walkways
  • Protection for personnel
  • Cages and fences around moving parts and machines
  • Gates
  • Facades
  • Ceilings
  • Furnishings
  • Decor etc.
AmpliSil is a narrow aluminium mesh with smaller masks that can be supplied in specified lengths and widths.


Used on a large scale in fish processing facilities where there are strict requirements for mesh size. One typical application is sieving of fish waste.


Areas of use:

  • Sieving of fish waste
  • Gates and fences
  • Railings
  • Machine shielding
  • Interior and decor etc.
AmpliSafe is a lattice mast which, due to its construction, is both strong and light. This makes it suitable as a safety mast where this is a requirement.


Our masts are used for landing systems, landing lights and other installations that requires frangibility. This means that the masts will break or collapse if something were to collide with them.


Areas of use:

  • Approach lights at airports
  • Lighting
  • Signage
  • Surveillance
  • Meteorological equipment
  • Fences in combination with AmpliNett


For airports, the masts are delivered in accordance with
ICAO Doc. 9157 AN/901.
Aerodrome Design Manual Part 6 Frangibility